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      Summer tasks

      Class of 2019-20 Summer Tasks

      Congratulations on receiving a conditional offer to study at The City of London Academy Sixth Form!

      As you may know already from attending our Welcome Day, the summer tasks are an incredibly important part of making the transition from GCSE students to Sixth Form students. 

      Please make sure to complete all of the tasks for each of your three main subjects (and EPQ if you are in Pathways E or D).  This work will be collected in during the first two weeks of term in September.

      These tasks will be used to assess your ability to produce quality work independently and punctually and will form a key part of our course suitability transition period. This period takes place during the first five weeks to ensure that students are on the most suitable courses. Alongside this assessment, we will also be considering your attendance and punctuality to the Academy as well as your lessons, your attitude to your studies, your organisation as well as your presentation around the Academy i.e. business attire.

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