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      Student Leadership

      Student leadership is a big part of life at City of London Academy as we strive to prepare our young men and women for their futures in the wider world.

      CoLA Southwark’s elected head boy and head girl lead a thriving student voice committee that meet regularly and work hard to represent their fellow students’ views across the school.

      As well as being responsible for running occasions like the school prom and charity events, our head boy and head girl meet the headteacher frequently, addressing issues that affect our students and maintaining strong communication between themselves and teaching staff.

      These leadership qualities are in evidence across the school, but perhaps the finest example is our new Year 7 playground, an idea conceived of by our own Year 7 students who felt they needed a space of their own as they adjusted to life at the academy.

      Their idea showed initiative typical of a City of London Academy student and stands as a fine example of our young men and women working together to achieve change.

      Student leadership extends to life outside the school. We have two elected Sixth Formers sitting on the Southwark Youth Council, raising awareness of important social issues outside the academy.

      We also recently introduced a mentoring scheme, in which our Sixth Form students buddy-up with younger pupils and offer support, advice and guidance.

      Our student leaders frequently take assemblies and attend public speaking events both in London and Europe.

      I have been lucky enough to play in a very successful girls’ basketball team and I know a lot of the younger pupils look up to us and want to emulate us. That means I have had to become a leader and a role model not just in basketball, but academically as well.

      Khalea Edwards – Year 12
      Former Head girl

      My aim is to make sure we all stay connected. Students have to feel they can speak to the student council and also the school.

      Kenechi Finewood – Year 12
      Head boy and head of Student Council.

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