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      City of London Academy

      SEN and Disability Policy / SEN Information


      No child will be refused admission to the Academy on the basis of his or her special educational need, ethnicity or language need.  In line with the Equalities Act 2010, we will not discriminate against disabled children and we will take all reasonable steps to provide effective educational provision (see Admission policy for the school, as agreed with the Local Authority)

      Students with SEND are allocated places in two separate and distinct ways:

      Those pupils with statements or EHCPs have a separate admissions procedure overseen by Southwark’s SEN team.  Applications for children with special needs or with a disability will be treated fairly.

      Those pupils who have SEND but do not have a statement or EHC plan are admitted via the normal school admissions criteria.  Detailed information and guidance of how to apply for a place at City of London Academy, both if your child has an EHC plan or statement of special educational needs, or if s/he has special needs but does not have a statement or EHCP, can be found on the following link:  http://www.southwark.gov.uk/schooladmissions

      Any Special Needs that are identified on admission are discussed with parents allowing the school to provide support to and put into place support mechanisms to cater for the child’s Special Educational Needs or Disabilities.

      For more information, please read the SEND and Accessibility Policies:


      SEND Information Report

      Who are the best people to talk to at the City of London Academy about my child's difficulties with learning, special educational needs or disability?

      • You may wish to contact our SENCO, Miss Dearing, her details are:

      E-mail: cdearing@cityacademy.co.uk

      Telephone: 0207 394 5100

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