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      Parent Teacher Association (PTA)
      City of London Academy (Southwark) Parent Teacher Association:
      The Connection between Parents, Teachers, and Students
      The rationale for the Coffee Mornings:  
      The connection between parents and school is very important for the success of our students, and this is why we have added these Coffee Mornings to our calendar. This gives parents the opportunity to communicate with, and to get feedback from the school throughout the school year in a more informal environment. 
      We know that a parent’s fundamental concern is the well-being of their children and their achievements. 
      Taking into consideration that a secondary school setting is very different to that of a primary school, our goal is to make sure your needs are met; by having parent/carer being given the opportunity to put forward their point of view in a positive way; and for them to be addressed accordingly. 
      It is also important to understand that this is the time that your child/children, will ultimately need more support.
      For example, support to: 
      • Successfully transition to their new environment 
      • Organizing their time to meet their homework deadlines 
      • Knowing what to do to make enough progress to meet their targets 
      • We want to facilitate effective communication between parents and teachers so that parents/carers will have fewer concerns regarding their children’s time at school. 
      • Resources for parents with cultural and language barriers. 
      • If we are able to develop wider participation in the PTA, we would hope to be able to identify parents who would be willing to act as interpreters.
      For further information about CoLA's PTA, please contact us on 0207 394 5100 or email                                          mswartz@cityacademy.co.uk or jallbury@cityacademy.co.uk. 

      City of London Academy (Southwark) PTA's annual Senior Citizens' Christmas Party 2018, hosted at CoLA to support the local residents. One of the many activities our PTA organise in support of the local community.

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