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      Maths Hub

      City of London Academy is joint-leader of the London South East Maths Hub, one of 35 national hubs that unite maths teachers and education professionals to develop and spread excellent practice. The hub is part of network that provides a collective national leadership and voice for maths education. We aim to develop outstanding practitioners – learning from the best local, national and international practice – and transform maths education through evidence-informed initiatives.

      Our Mission

      The Maths Hub Network vision is to encourage schools and colleges to collaborate. Teachers work and learn together, developing and improving mathematics learning, teaching and leadership.

      To achieve this, we:

      • Inspire engagement – by making visible ‘what works’ from evidence-based practice
      • Build partnerships – harnessing existing networks and developing new partnerships with leading schools and school groupings to extend the reach and impact of their work

      Sponsored by the Department for Education (DfE) and facilitated by the National Centre for the Excellence in the Teaching for Mathematics (NCETM), the London South East Maths Hub is led by City of London Academy and Redriff Primary School.

      Benefits of joining the London South East Maths Hub include:

      • A range of professional development opportunities
      • Leadership development opportunities
      • The chance to take part in classroom research
      • Access to staff support networks

      The maths hub works with colleges to provide opportunities to engage with research, develop new practices and to share that development to make a positive impact on learners.

      This year, staff of the London South East Maths Hub:

      • Attended the 2017 IMA Festival of Mathematics at the University of Greenwich
      • Attended one-day courses focusing on the teaching of GCSE mathematics
      • Collaborated at the London Thames Maths Hub Conference
      • Attended the Primary Maths Network Meeting at Redriff Primary School

      The London South East Maths Hub is an effective way for mathematics education staff to collaborate with others to achieve best practice, in turn boosting their own personal development. The Maths Hub gives you quick and easy access to training, and you are able to take part in projects that will, over time, lead to sustained improvements in the curriculum and student outcomes.

      Des Scanlan, Hub Maths Lead

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