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      Gifted & Talented

      What does ‘Gifted’ mean?

      Gifted students are identified by their exceptional attainment in verbal and non-verbal reasoning, comprehension, numeracy, and literacy tests taken during Year 6, or – in the sixth form – their average points score at GCSE. These assessments measure a variety of cognitive processes, and students who attain highly in such tests are often capable of making exceptionally fast progress through different curricula, particularly if they receive the requisite support, encouragement, and opportunities.

      Gifted students at CoLA will have more ambitious target grades to attain, and their progress towards these targets is closely monitored. If there is a concern about a Gifted student fulfilling their high expectations, the G&T provision is committed to providing the necessary support to help them continue towards their goals.

       How Are Students Selected as Talented?

      Students recognised as being talented can be identified in a number of ways. They are often sponsored by subject teachers, but can be nominated by parents or other adults, and can also self-refer. Talent is assigned within the different subjects’ departments; talented students often have a particular aptitude or interest in a subject, and may be able to overcome less structured or more complex challenges because of their ability to be creative, analytical, evaluative, or multilateral; they may have an increased ability to work independently, and innovate within a topic, as opposed to knowing or understanding the existing work of others.

      What to expect as a Gifted and Talented pupil

      • Discussion and debate with competition
      • Textbooks and readings which extend classroom knowledge
      • Evaluative and creative tasks
      • Challenges competing against groups
      • More pace
      • Sophisticated language
      • Practical activities
      • Lessons which are related to the real real world with contemporary content
      • Opportunities to lead and teach lessons

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